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Security guards are responsible in protecting the premises and assets of business establishments. These guards are responsible for being the watchdogs for the business. They are trained to spot intruders or intrusions at the business premises and report them to the police. The employees of a security company are generally well trained and have to pass an exam to assess their knowledge in security matters and law enforcement. Hence, by knowing the various security guards 10 codes that are employed by security guards for detecting intruders, one can find out if his or her guard is performing up to the mark.

The emergency code is the first code that guards must know. This code is activated once an intrusion takes place in the business or when there is a security related emergency such as breaking in and theft of merchandise. This code is vital for security guards as it allows them to quickly respond to any situation. Therefore, emergency code is of great importance whenever there is a burglary or any other security related emergency such as fighting against a robbery. Employees working as security guards should be familiar with the emergency codes. Direct communication code is another code that security guards need to know.

The direct communication code tells the employee what the problem is and what action needs to be taken. If there is a fire, the code could indicate that fire trucks are approaching the area. If you are unsure of the code, ask the employee for clarification. A fire truck may not be on site but you still need to know what the problem is and what needs to be done. Then you can give instructions for the security guards.

The silent alarm code is the second code. This code is used by security personnel to notify them that an intrusion has occurred. For example, an invisible alarm panel can be installed at the front of your office building if it has a door system. An alarm panel will be activated every time someone walks through the security gates. This will make an ear-piercing sound. You can set the silent alarm code to activate after a specific time.

All security guards must carry their gun. If an intruder attempts to force you into the building, they will quickly realize they won’t have much chance against security guards with guns. It is important that your security guard always carries his gun. In order to ensure that your security guard has his gun on him, you should instruct him to place it on the wall behind his office when he is attending to customers. This will make it so that if the burglar tries to flee, it will be impossible for him to run towards the security guard who is behind his desk.

Security guards must stand their ground. Security guards cannot give up. They should be always available to protect the premises. The security guard must maintain calm contact with the criminal when they are forced to surrender. If the security guard attempts to use violence against the criminal, they will likely become more aggressive and cause more damage.

Many people mistakenly confuse police with security guards. Police are often called to investigate suspicious deaths. But unlike security guards and police officers, they are in a position of authority and have the right to use weapons to protect others. While police are not allowed fire weapons in the line-of-duty, police officers are equipped with stun guns, Tasers, and firearms that can temporarily disorient or render criminals unconscious. Since security guards are not police officers, they cannot legally use weapons in any situation where they might need to apprehend a person who has already committed a crime.

Today, many businesses hire security guards to provide additional security for their employees and customers. Many businesses want to provide a safe environment that is safe for their employees and customers. Many people are still uncertain about hiring security staff because of the misinformation surrounding the job. Although there are many misconceptions about security guards, the truth is that they do an important job. Security guards are vital in protecting people and property from harm. Many businesses wouldn’t be able to function without security guards.